1974.9-1978.9  Teacher in the high school of Huashi,  Yuzhou City

1985.7-1987.8  Assistant  in Plant Physiology at Lanzhou University

1987.9-1990.6  Ph.D student at Lanzhou University

1990.6-1992.1  Lecturer at Henan University; Director of Division of Plant Physiology and Ecology at Henan University;

1992.2-1994.12 Associate Professor  at Henan University; Director of Division of Plant Physiology and Ecology at Henan University; Concurrent Professor of at the Agricultura University of Henan.

1996.1-2002.12, Professor and vice-director at the State Key Laboratory of Arid Agroecology, LanZhou University

2003.1- :  Professor, tutor for doctoral student College of life sciences, Zhejiang University.  Editorial Board member of J. Plant Ecology.

Projects completed:

   8 projects supported by NSFC,  in which 2 key projects.

   3 projects supported by 863 programme of China.

   2 projects supported by 973 programme of China.

Projects ongoing:

  1 Key projects supported by NSFC: 2013-2018, 2900,000RMB. Studies on the physical, physiological and biochemical quantitative rules of the metabolic ecology changed with effective water in plants.

  2 Projects supported by 863 programme of China: 820000RMB. Novel antitranspirants.

  3 Projects supported by NSF of Zhejiang. 300000RMB. Body shape adaptation along the gradient of temperature and moisture.


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Research work

Ecology; Technology of Bio-energy, Sustainable agriculture Research interest: The main characteristic is to investigate the interactions between organisms and environments or among organisms by combining the two wings, ecology and molecular biology which are carrying the biology flying, of modern biology. Metabolic ecology: The shift of the rule of metabolic ecology along the gradient of environment in plants. Especially on the quantitative modle based on the physiological and biochemical bases. Physiological Ecology in crops: especially on the stomatal regulation to increase productivity and water use efficiency.