Yanping Wang


Ph.D, Associate Professor


I  am interested in island biogeography, conservation biology, community ecology, life-history theory and urban ecology, as well as the interactions between these fields . In recent years, my research focuses on  nested subset pattern (nestedness), the small-island effect, community assembly rules, and life-history theories. My research is question-driven and hypothesis-driven. To answer my questions in the above research fields, I generally used the Thousland Island Lake and the Zhoushan Achipalego in Zhejiang Province, China as model systems, and used birds, amphibians and reptiles as model taxa.


Academic Qualifications                                                    
2003–2006: Ph.D. (Ecology), Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2000–2003: M.Sc. (Zoology), College of Life Sciences, Zhejiang University, China
1995– 1999: B.Sc. (Biology), Department of Biology, Qufu Normal University, China


 Academic Employment
2011–: Associate Professor, Zhejiang University, China
2009–2011: Assistant Professor, Zhejiang University, China
2006–2010: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Zhejiang University, China
2009–2010: Visiting Scholar,  University of Alberta, Canada
2014/01–2014/06: Visiting Scholar, Carleton University, Canada

2015/03–2015/08: Visiting Professor, McGill University, Canada


Graduate Opportunities
There is no space for international students at the moment, including those who apply for Chinese government scholarship. New opportunities will be advertised here when available.

Research work

1. Island biogeography 2. Conservation biology 3. Community ecology 4. Biodiversity 5. Life history theory 6. Urban ecology 7. Ornithology 8. Herpetology