Female, Law of Master, National Master of Sportswoman

The original zhejiang team women athletes, seven decathlon national sports, graduated in 1995 by zhejiang university law school master's degree of law, 2004-2005 Queensland university of technology in Australia for teenagers do visiting scholars, the physical health, diet, obesity, height of application research advance testing. Now as international human genetic ariants group plans to lead the Chinese group of experts, and health promotion action alliance member, zhejiang university sports committee deputy secretary-general, zhejiang university medical research center, genetic and genome group, zhejiang university sports genomic medicine department director of sport genome laboratory.
It is mainly engaged in sports genes on outstanding athletes, responsible for the selection of the project research scheme and technical route design, sample collection and athletes of the physical and chemical indexes are doing sports ability, tracking and genetic correlations of the database establishment of work, and engaged in sports industrialization management, operation practice of large events and success.
Has published more than 10 papers, and vice editor-in-chief identity published seven books, 2010 in Beijing sport university first deputy editor-in-chief published a diagnosis and rehabilitation of damage, by 2010 MUTAION in HUMAN Gene LOVD Database published LQTS"
Once won the national natural science foundation, 22833038: certificate of funds
The women's health initiatie alliance party council member, FYLMLS: certificate - 10-03