Weirong Hong, Professor, Director in the institute of Process Equipment of Zhejiang University.

Address: Institute of Process Equipment, Zhejiang University, N0.38 Zheda Street, 310027 Hangzhou, China

 Research and Education Experience:

 1986.07   Bachelor's Degree, Chemical Machinery, Zhejiang University;

 1989.06   Master'Degree, Chemical Process Machinery, Zhejiang University;

 2005.12   Ph.D, Control Sceience and Enigeering, Zhejiang University;


                 Study at Technical University of Berlin, Germany;


                 Visiting Professor, Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany;


                 Visiting Professor, Technical University of Berlin, Germany;

 1989.08-to now

                 Lecture, Associate Professor, Professor, Zhejiang University, China


Research work

Dynamic Process Simulation and Optimization/ Mass and Heat Transfer of Film Flow with Different Corrugation Plates/ High-Speed Rotation Machinery Strength/ Capacity Regulation and Energy-Saving Operation for Reciprocating Compressor/