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Wu Xiao




Wu Xiao, received his PhD degree from China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) in 2012, and became a full-time faculty subsequently, he promoted as associate professor in 2015, and was recruited to Zhejiang University as a researcher, under the "Hundred Talents Program”, he is now a researcher, doctoral supervisor at the School of Public Affairs, Zhejiang University. He won “Outstanding Young Scientific Talent”issued by Ministry of Natural Resources in 2018,“Excellent talents in Beijing” in 2014, the first batch of "Yueqi Young Scholars" in 2017. His publication won the Chinese top scientific papers of sci-tech periodicals prize (F5000) in 2014. The main research direction is land reclamation and ecological restoration, land consolidation, land use and spatial planning, UAV remote sensing. He is committee member of Institute of land reclamation and ecological restoration in Chinese Coal Society, member of American Society of Mining and Reclamation. At present, hosted and participated more than 10 projects, including National Natural Science Foundation, National key research project in 13th Five-Year, the Ministry of land and resources of public welfare industry research special funds. More than 70 articles have been published (SSCI/ SCI /EI retrieval 27), 10 national invention patents, 1 utility patent, and 1 software copyrights. The research achievements have been awarded 5 provincial and ministerial level science and technology progress awards. He is also served as reviewer of academic journals, including Habitat International、Energy Policy、Resource Policy、Resources, Conservation and Recycling、Journal of Urban Planning and Development、Journal of Geophysics and Engineering、Journal of Arid Land、Acta agriculturae scandinavica section b-soil and plant science、International Journal of Coal Science & Technology、International Journal of Mining and Mineral Engineering、International Journal of Sustainable Development & Planning、ECOPERSIA、Acta Geodaetica et Cartographica Sinica.

Representative publications for the past five years:

[1]. Wu Xiao, Yanhua Fu. Tao Wang, Xuejiao Lv. Effects of land use transitions due to underground coal mining on ecosystem services in high groundwater table areas: A case study in the Yanzhou coalfield. Land Use Policy, 2018(71):213-221.

[2]. Wu Xiao, Zhenqi Hu, Yoginder. P. Chugh, Yanling Zhao. Dynamic Subsidence Simulation and Topsoil Removal Strategy in High-Groundwater Table and Underground Coal Mining Area- A Case Study in Shandong Province. International Journal of Mining, Reclamation and Environment, 2014, 28(4): 250-263.

[3]. Wu Xiao, Zhenqi Hu, Ruiya Zhang, Yanling Zhao. A simulation of mining subsidence and its impacts to land in high ground water area- An integrated approach based on subsidence prediction and GIS. Disaster Advance. 2013, 6(4):142-148.

[4]. Wu Xiao, Zhenqi Hu, Jing Li, Heyu Zhang, Jialiang Hu. A study of land reclamation and ecological restoration in a resource-exhausted city – a case study of Huaibei in China. International Journal of Mining, Reclamation and Environment2011, 25(4)332-341.

[5]. Zhenqi Hu, Wu Xiao. Optimization of concurrent mining and reclamation plans for single coal seam: a case study in northern Anhui, China. Environmental Earth Sciences. 2013, 68(5):1247-1254

[6]. Wu Xiao, Zheng Wang, Ruiya Zhang, Sucui Li. The ‘golden ten years’: underground coal mining and its impacts on land use and subsequent social problems: a case study on the Jining city region, China. 2017, 8(1):19-34.

[7]. Wu Xiao, Zhenqi Hu. GIS-based pre-mining land damage assessment for underground coal mines in high groundwater area. International Journal of Mining & Mineral Engineering. 2014, 5(3): 245-255.

[8]. Wu XiaoZhenqi HuBikai GongVisualisation of the characteristics of Mining Subsidence with the Consideration of Topography -A Case Study in ChinaInternational Journal of Mining & Mineral Engineering2011, 3(1)16-25.

[9]. Wu Xiao, Heyu Zhang, Jianyong Zhang. GIS-based analysis of LS factor under coal mining subsidence impacts in sandy region. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review, 7(4): 73-78.

[10]. Wu Xiao, Guanghua Yang, Yaoqi Yang. Coal mining subsidence information extraction and verification in high ground water area based on Landsat-8 image and subsidence prediction. Computer Modelling & New Technologies 2014, 18(11):771-775.

[11]. Wu Xiao, Zhenqi Hu, Yanhua Fu. Zoning of land reclamation in Coal mining area and new progresses for the past 10 years. International Journal of Coal Science & Technology, 2014, 1(3):45-80.

[12]. Zhenqi Hu, Wu Xiao, Peijun Wang, Yanling Zhao. concurrent mining and reclamation for underground coal mining, Journal of China Coal Society, 2013, 38(2): 301-307.

[13]. Wu Xiao, Sucui Li, Zheng Wang, Yaoqi Yang, Tao Wang. ACTA Ecologica Sinica, 2016, 36(17)5611-5618.

[14]. Wu Xiao, Tao Sui, Xin Wang, Qi Zhu, Rui Liu, Xiangyu Chen. Assessment and geographical detection of heavy metal pollution in typical farmland soil in Chaohu lake basin. Transactions of the Chinese society for agricultural machinery, 201849(7):123-132.

[15]. Wu Xiao, Jiale Chen, Hongzhi Da, He Ren, Jianyong Zhang, Lei Zhang. Inversion of Maize Biomass in Coal Mining Subsidence Basin Based on UAV Multispectral Images, Transactions of the Chinese society for agricultural machinery, 201849(8):110-121.


Research work

Land reclamation and ecological restoration, Land consolidation, Land use and spatial planning, UAV remote sensing