²       Have extensive experience in design and manufacture of the semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. Have developed some new devices such as a new series of precision constant current source ICs and several temperature transducers with high precision and excellent linearity.

²        Currently in charge of several research projects supported by Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province and NSF, National Semiconductor, Analog Device Incorporated, etc. The main fields focuses on analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits including power management IC, high resolution low-power data converter, low power techniques for integrated circuits and SoC, and so on.

²       Supervising the laboratory of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit design, Institute of VLSI Design, Zhejiang University.

²       Teaching some basic and advanced courses in semiconductor, microelectronics and computer, such as Semiconductor Technology, Semiconductor Technology  Experiments, Solid State Transducers, Principles and Applications of IC,   Elements of Computer and Arithmetic Language, Computer-Aided Design of IC, etc.


Research work

Research & Development of Analog and Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits Research on Low-Power Technology of IC and SOC Research & Development of High Resolution Low Power Data Converter Research & Development of Power Management IC Development of Solid State Sensors


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