Professor Dr. Zucheng Wu
Zhejiang University Department of Environmental Engineering
 Solar energy storage and conservation
  • using algae for air and water vitalization in controlled environmental life support system
  • electrochemical depolarized CO2 concentrating, EDC, for the capture and electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to useful chemicals
  • pioneering units for the recirculation of chemical substances, or the generation of electricity by employing fuel cells or microbial fuel cells
  • novel electrodeionization method to recover useful N and P from municipal wastewater, and to retrieve noble metals called as “mineral resources”
  • first detection of hydroxyl radical electrogenerated both in liquid and ambient atmosphere
  • radicals are strong and powerful green oxidants for removal of biorefractory pollutants 
 New laboratory opened
  • Environmental Electrochemistry
  • Laboratory for Controlled Environmental Life Support Engineering
  • Storageble and Renewable Energy
  • Solar Energy Storage and Conservation

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