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  Xiangrong Chen is a One-hundred Talents Researcher at the High Voltage Technology of Zhejiang University (ZJU) since 2017. He worked as a visiting scientist at Professor Yasuhiro Tanaka's laboratory in Tokyo City University from July to August 2017. Before his appointment at ZJU, he completed a four-month post-doctoral research fellow at the Division of High Voltage Engineering of Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, where he had been worked as an Assistant Professor from 2012-2016, and Associate Professor (Docent in Swedish) since 2016. He holds a Dr. Eng. in Electrical  Engineering from the Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) Xi’an (2011).
      His research activities concentrate on AC/DC cable technology, HVDC, advanced measuring technologies (PD, space charge, etc), next generation insulating materials and electric field simulations. The goal is to develop reliable, cost efficient, and environmental friendly components of future transmission and distribution electric power networks based on high voltage direct current technology (HVDC). Solutions for components of smart grids (e.g. semiconductors) are also in focus.    
         He is a Member of IEEE, CIGRE SC B2. He has published more than 30 papers. Moreover, he is a co-inventor of 2 patents or patent applications. He can speak native Chinese, fluent English, basic Swedish, little Japanese, German and Persian.
    He is looking for ambitious Post doctors (1-2 per year), Ph.D. students (2-3 per year), Master students (3 per year) and International students from around the globe to join the High Voltage Technology of ZJU to work together for a better world and society. For further information on opening positions, cooperations, visiting scholars, etc at the High Voltage Technology of ZJU, please contact me directly by e-mail and phone number as follow. 

      ZJU is a world-class University (QS World Ranking 87 in 2017) sitting in Hangzhou, which is a beautiful and safe 'Paradise city' in the Eastern China. We are working ambitiously to become a world-class top University and educate young eager minds to make a better world and society.   

      AVANCEZ! Long Live PEA! Truth & Innovation!


Research work

AC&DC cable technology, HVDC, partial discharge measurements, space charge measurements, electric field simulations,new-generation insulating materials, advanced measuring and sensing technology as well as high voltage new technological applications.