1996-2001          Ph.D          Control Science & Engineering, 
                                             Zhejiang University, China

1998-2001                            Chemical Engineering, The Hong Kong 
1998-2001                            University of Science and Technology, 
1998-2001                            Hong Kong (Joint-supervision Program)

1993-1996          M.Eng        Systems Engineering,Zhejiang University, China

1989-1993          B.Eng         Chemical Engineering,Zhejiang University, China


Sep., 2001-         Assistant Professor
Dec., 2004          Department of Control Science & Engineering
Dec., 2004          Zhejiang University
Dec., 2004-         Associate Professor
Dec., 2010          Department of Control Science & Engineering
 Dec., 2004         Zhejiang University

Dec., 2010-         Professor
Dec., 2004          Department of Control Science & Engineering
                           Zhejiang University
AWARDS and Honors

2013                  Program for New Century Excellent Talents
                          Department of Education 
2012                   Natural Science Award of Ministry of Education in China,
                            First Class
2005                   The Best Paper Award, Society of Plastics Engineers, 
                           Annual Technical Conference (SPE ANTEC 2005), 
                           1-5 May, 2005, Boston, USA

2005                   Science and Technology Progress Award of Ministry 
                           of Education in China, First


         Chair, SIG Process Monitoring & Control, Society of 
                           Plastics Engineers

2010-                  Editorial Board Member, Journal of Automation in 
                           Petro-chemical Industry(China)


Research work

Complex industrial process modeling and optimization; Process system analysis and integration; Intelligent computation and application research; Industrial process quality control.