Dr.XUN XIANG, Senior Engineer
College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Zijingang Compus, Hangzhou, 310058, P.R.China
Room: A 211
Tel: (86-0571)8898-2258
2008    Ph. D.  Plant Genome & Molecular Regulation in Vegetable Crops, Zhejiang University, China
1999    M.S.    Department of Horticulture, Southwest University, China.
1996    B.S.   Department of Horticulture, Southwest Agricultura University, China.
Teaching experience:
2004- Present     Post-graduate course:      Skills of Plant Molecular Biology.
2005- Present     Course for undergraduate:  Skills of Plant Tissue Culture. 
SELECTED Publications:
1  XIANG X, CAO J-S,YE W-Z.  Molecular cloning and characterization of BcMYBogu, a novel member of the MYB family involved in OguCMS in Brassica campestris ssp.Hereditas. 2007, 29(5): 621-628
XIANG X, CAO J-S,YE W-Z.  Isolation and Characteristic Analysis of a Novel bHLH Gene,BcBHLHogu, in Chinese Cabbage . Scientia Agriculture Sinica.2007,40(8) :1746-1752
3   XIANG XYu X-L CAO J-S.  Cultivating Mode for Innovative Talents in Comprehensive Research University --- Exploration and Practice at College of Agriculture and Biotechnology in Zhejiang University  Higher Agriculture Education.2009 , 5:4-7  
4   XIANG X SONG X-L SHI Q-Q CAI W-G CAO J-S. Optimization of Genomic DNA Extraction Methods to DNA-AFLP in Capsicum annuum. Journal of Yangtze University.2009,6(2): 46-49 
5   XIANG XYU X-L Ma Y. .Practice and Exploration of Teaching Reform on the Curriculum of “Experimental Technology of Plant Biology.Modern Educational Technology.2009,8: 21-24
6  LIU L-C, XIANG X, CAO J-S.  BcMF4 Gene, Encoding a Lucine-Rich Repeat Protein, Plays a Role in Male Fertility in Chinese Cabbage-pak-choi. Hereditas. 2006,28(11):1428-1434
7   LIU L-C, XIANG X, CAO J-S.  Effects of Silencing BcMF3 by RNAi on Pollen Development of Flowering Chinese Cabbage.  Acta Horticulturae Sinica.2007,34(1): 125-130
8   ZHANG H-F,XIANG X, WANG P,WANG Q-M. Rapid Detection of Anticancer Activity of Chinese Kale by Quinone Reductase Bioassay. Chinese Journal of Cell Biology. 2006, 28: 257-260
9   JIA C-G,XIANG X,WANG S-Z WANG Q-M. The Role of Jasmonate in Plant Defense Response.  Chinese Journal of Cell Biology,2006,28:57-60 

Phone: (86-0571)8898-2258