Xiong Shusheng, Associate Professor, Doctor of Engineering. Power Machinery and Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, two research directions tutor, registered motor vehicle appraiser, deputy director of the national energy and power experimental teaching center. 1994 graduated from the Tianjin University of internal combustion engine, 1997 master graduated from Tianjin University State Key Laboratory of internal combustion, in 2000 graduated from the research of power machinery and Vehicle Engineering Institute of Zhejiang University. He engaged in teaching and research, the research direction for the new energy vehicle and diversified use, machine substitutions and Internet related research. Now, as chairman of the Zhejiang province automobile air conditioning Standardization Technical Committee of Zhejiang province automobile air conditioning products quality inspection center of Zhejiang Province, the standardization of academic leaders, technical experts, Zhejiang Province automotive air conditioning industry technology innovation service platform and industry innovation alliance executive chairman and secretary general, Longquan Hardware Auto academician workstation deputy chief, Longquan automotive air conditioning industry the science and technology innovation service team in Zhejiang Province, automotive air conditioning massive economic transformation and upgrading demonstration area resident expert, China member, China internal combustion engine Institute of biogas Association, National Fund Committee of experts, Zhejiang province and Hangzhou municipal government procurement experts, Hangzhou city bus arbitration institute of Arbitrators, deputy director of Jiangxi province scroll machinery industry technology innovation strategic alliance long. Argentina, Mexico to conduct short-term cooperation research. Completed a number of national and provincial foundation project, major research and development projects of national defense projects and enterprises, the main contents of the study involved hydrogen fuel engine, CNG, LPG, methane, gas and other gaseous fuel engine and automobile, diesel particulate trap regeneration device, hybrid, pure electric vehicles, and scroll machinery the new engine, but also the development of the vehicle test system, machine substitutions and Internet system. More than and 50 papers in national publications or international academic journals and conferences, which were SCI, EI included more than and 30 article, for nearly 70 patents, including more than and 50 invention patents, won the Provincial Department of education and science and Technology Progress Award. Has served as the "automobile structure", "professional English", "application", "automobile electronic automobile detection and diagnosis", "automobile performance and evaluation" courses such as teachers, guidance of "practice" and "cognitive car driving practice", is the Ministry of labor "second-hand car appraisers", "car crash gusun teacher occupation qualification certificate certification training instructor, is the" engine "of guest editor, International Journal of hydrogen energy" International Journal of Hydrogen Energy "," ARMAMENTARII "judges, Zhejiang Tongji Science and technology Career Academy professor. Won the award of excellence, colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province fifth teaching competition two prize, Zhejiang University teaching quality of mechanical and energy engineering Zhejiang University third teaching skills competition two prize third-prize teaching skills contest for young teachers of Zhejiang University in 2008, two prize teaching contest in 2010 the Department of energy, Zhejiang University excellent teacher, excellent moral education, outstanding party workers etc.. Served as assistant director of the Taizhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Lishui Economic Development Zone, assistant director, now sending Zhejiang province of Longquan City, the Longquan municipal government party members, assistant to the mayor.
Research work

Power Machinery and Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, New Energy Vehicles