Ph.D. of Social Welfare in the Department of Social Work, 08/2009-03/2013


       Master of Management Science in Social Security, 08/2007-06/2009


       B.A. in Journalism, 08/2003-06/2007



Health Insurance; Health Care Reform; Long Term Care; Gerontology; Social Policy



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  • 2012. Jan-2012.Jun. School of Social Welfare, The University of California at Berkeley, US (Supervisor: Prof. Julian Chow)




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  • 2016 ESRC Strategic Networks: Global Ageing and Long-Term Care Network

  • 2014. National Social Science Foundation Young Scholar Project in China (14CSH056), PI. (RMB 200,000)

       Health Disparities in the Basic Medical Insurance Benefits for the Elderly.

  • 2014. National Nature Science Foundation Major Project (71490733), Member. (RMB 200,000)

       Intergenerational Equilibrium and Governance: Research on the Social Support System in China’s Ageing Society.

  • 2013. National Social Science Foundation Major Project (13&ZD163), PI of sub-project.

       Theoretical and Policy Research on Population Ageing and Longevity Risk Management.

  • 2013. Social Science Planning Project in Zhejiang Province (13HQZZ031), PI.

       Health Equity and Medical Social Security Reform in Zhejiang.

  • 2013. Philosophy and Social Sciences Base Project, PI.

Long-term Care in the Community: Needs and Integration.

  • 2012.National Nature Science Foundation Project (71273228), Member.

       Research on Demand, Cost, and Financing Mechanism of Long-term Care Security for the Elderly.

  • 2010. Madam Tan Jen Chiu Fund, PI.

       The Impact of Health Insurance Reform on Equality of access to Health Care and Health Outcome among the Elderly: A Study in Hangzhou.

  • 2009. The Public Policy Research for 7th Round in Hong Kong (RGC: CUHK4020-PPR-09), RA.

        The impact of the introduction of a statutory minimum wage on labour market conditions and the quality of life of vulnerable groups in Hong Kong.



Courses for Undergraduate Students:

       Social Policy

       Life and Health Insurance

Courses for Postgraduate Students:

       Social Policy

       Health Social Work (for MSW)



As a reviewer: International Journal for Equity in Health; Ageing & Society; International Journal of Behavioral Medicine; PLOS; Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics; Health and Quality of Life Outcomes.

As an editor: Journal of Chinese Governance

As a member: APRU-Ageing Research Group; WUN China Study; National Social Security Association in China; Gerontology Society in Zhejiang Province, China; The Disability Study Association in China

Secretary of MSW Center in School of Public Affaris, Zhejiang University

Research work

Health Insurance; Healthcare Reform; Long-term Care; Gerontology; Social Policy