Prof. Jun-Ting Xu, male, born in 1969.10, received B.S. degree from Department of Chemistry, Zhejiang University in 1991. He got PhD degree at Department of Polymer Science & Engineering, Zhejiang University in 1996. He became an associate professor and a full professor in 1998.07 and 2004.12, respectively, in the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University. During 2001.01-2002.12 and 2006.7-2006.12, he was a visiting scholar of The University Sheffield (UK) and The University of Akron (USA), respectively. He was awarded “Youth Chemist Award” by Chinese Chemical Society in 2003 and was selected into “New Century Supporting Program for the Talents” (Ministry of Education, China) in 2004.

Research work

1. Self-assembly of block copolymer asisted by other driving force 2. Polymer crystallization under confined environment 3. Structure and propertoes of polyolefins; 4. Synthesis of polymers with regular structure