Colleges & Universities Attended:


1985.9-1988.7   Chinese Department of Lishui Teaching Academic College,     

1993.9-1996.7   Ancient Institute of Beijing Normal University, M.A.

1998.9-2001.3   Chinese Department of Zhejiang University, Ph.D

2002.5-2004.3   Chinese Department of Fudan University, Post-doctor




1988.8-1993.8.1    Lishui Teaching Acdemic College, Teacher

1988.8-1993.8.2    Rare books section of Zhejiang Library, Librarian

2004.4-           Chinese Department of Zhejiang University, Associate Professor


Visiting Scholar experience:


2007.9-2007.12  Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at Harvard University

2008.8-2009.8   The Harvard Yenching Institute at Harvard University




1)     Chinese Classical Drama

2)     Chinese Literature(undergraduate students)

3)     Poetry and Prose of the Ming and Qing Dynasties

4)     The Study of Literary Resources in the Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties

5)     Classical Literature from Yuan to Qing Dynasty

6)     Chinese Classical Drama and Fiction




Authored Books:

1)  A Study of Wuzhou Literati from the Yuan to Early Ming. Beijing: The Chinese Social Science Publishing House, 2005. 636 pages.

2)  A Biography of Song Lian (1310-1381). Hangzhou: Zhejiang People's Publishing House, 2005. 370 pages.


Edited Books:

1Research Papers on Tao Zongyi. Zhejiang Peoples Publishing House, 2007.

2The International Conference Articles on Ming Literature in 2006 (co-editor). Zhejiang University Publishing House,2007.

3) Xu Shuofang’s Research Papers on Ancient Novels and Dramas (co-editor). Zhejiang University Publishing House, 2007.


Proofreading and Punctuating of Ancient Texts

1)Tao Zongyi’s Collected Works. Zhejiang People’s Publishing House, 2005.678 pages. 

2) Zheng Yuanyou’s Collected Works (forthcoming)

3) Six Dramas of the Golden Lotus (forthcoming)

4) Wu Sidao’s Collected Works (forthcoming)


Articles (on prose and poetry)


1)  “Twenty Missing Poems in the Complete Poetry of the Song.” Journal of Literature and Art Studies 9 (2008):155-159.

2)  “Two Errors in the Complete Poetry of the Song.” Journal of Literature and Art Studies 5 (2007):158-160.

3)  “The Literary Works and Activities of Song Lian under Various Circumstances.” Journal of Zhejiang University 5 (2005): 135-143.

4)  “Social Intercourse and Differences Among the Members of Two Southern Literary Groups In the Combined Period of Yuan and Ming.” Literary Heritage 2 (2004):77-84.

5)   “An Exploration into the Changes of the Friendship Between Song Lian and Dai Liang.” Journal of Nanjing Normal University 3 (2007):128-132     .

6)   “The Painting Lin Daci daoren Fuchunshan tu, Auctioned for10,780,000 yuan, was not Composed by Huang Jin.” The Culture of Southern China 3 (2009):197-203.   

7)  “Questions on Digital Ming Works: International Conference Monograph in 2006. Fuzhou: Haixia Literature and Art Publishing House,2009 :182-1      

8)  “Wuzhou Literati Circles and the Local Culture and Geography.” Journal of Zhejiang Academy 6 (2004):125-133.

9)   “A Study of the Depth and Width of Ming Dynasty Literature” (co-author): Literary Criticism 1 (2007): 209-212.

10)   “Book review of Yang Weizhen and Literary Trends in Late Yuan Dynasty''. Journal of Zhejiang Social Science 5 (2006): 224-226.

11)   Liu Ji and Wuzhou Literati'. The articles collection of Liu Ji conference. 216-229.  Yanji: Yanbian University Publishing House2002

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18)  “Hu Zhu’s Chronicle.” Journal of Research on Ancient Texts 4 (2001): 53-63.

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20)  “A Brief Recounting the Movement of the Wenlan edition of the Four Libraries.” Chinese Ancient Books and Culture 4(1999): 42-45.

21)  “Bibliography on Dunhuang Sutras in Zhejiang Library” (co-author).    Dunhuang Research 4(1998): 124-133.

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24)  “Huang Jin and Wu zhou’s Confucian Circumstances.” Journal of Zhejiang TV University 5,6 (1997): 24-26, 23-25.

25)  “Bibliography of Zhejiang Writers in Four Libraries.” Library Work and Research (Zhejiang) 3(1997): 


Papers (on drama)


1) “The Female Poet Meng Yun and Playwright Meng Chengshun.” Journal of Zhejiang University 9 (2007): 161-168. 

2) “New Research on the Life of Gao Zicheng.” Literary Heritage 3 (2006): 94-98.    

3) “Zhang Zongxiang and Drama:Chinese.” Non-Matter Literary Heritage 8 (2006):15-27.      

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6) “Guang Tingfen Never Revised the Quhai zongmu.” Chinese Ancient Books and Culture 2 (2001): 88-89.

7) “Non-extant Drama Wen yuandian’s Circulation, Abstract, and Its Date.”  (the articles collection in memory of Qian Nanyang’s conference in 2009 ). 

8) “An Error on Tang Xianzu’s Collected Works.” Collected Papers from the 2006 Tang Xianzu Conference in Suichang. Hangzhou: Xiling Publishing House, 2008, 367-368.

9)”The Spread,Plot Introduction and Composing Date of the Only Version of the Drama Wen Yuan Dian”. Journal of Literature and Art Studies 8(2010):98-107


Papers (on Novels)

1)“The Author of the Golden Lotus is Bai Yue from Wujin County in Jiangsu Province” (forthcoming).

2)“Further Research on the Author of the Golden Lotus” .Journal of Kunming University 2(2010):34-37

3)”Social Intercourse between Bai Yue and Other Playwrights.The Journal of Ming-Qing Fiction Studies 2(2010):66-74

4) “A Fourth Round of Research on the Author of the Golden Lotus.” Journal of Xuzhou Engineering College 2 (2010): 77-79.

5) “The novel collection Yi jian shang xin bian’s Editions and its Illustrations.” Journal of Tai Wang Zhong zheng University (forthcoming).




Research work

Yongming xu (徐永明) is an associate professor at the institute of Chinese Classical Literature and Culture, Zhejiang University, China. his research interest focuses on Chinese classical literature from Yuan to Ming Dynasties.