Brief Introduction of associate Professor XuZhi
XuZhi, born in 1962, Jiangshan, Zhejiang Province. He is now the associate Professor and MA student adviser at College of Economics, Zhejiang University. At the same time, he is the director of Budget Accounting Association,Zhejiang Province; and the standing director of Zhejiang Institute for Administrative Finance, also the executive member of Taxation Institute of Hangzhou.
His main research areas are taxation、International Taxation and management of goverment budgeting. Years ago,Mr Xu has been to Asia University(South Korea), to participate the international academic exchanges of China,Ukraine and South Korea.During these years, Mr Xu has published more than 50 academic papers on 《MODERN FINANCE & ECONOMICS》、《Budget Management and Accounting》, etc. And he has held 4 Ministerial and Provincial Issues.
Mr Xu has been awarded the Advanced by the university and the college  Repeatedly.Besides, he is often invited by the government departments, institutions and enterprises to give special reports or academic lectures about taxation and goverment budgeting.
Research work

law of tax,management of goverment budgeting,International Taxation