Dr. Yaqiu Chen was graduated from Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University in 1982 and she was working in the technical department of Nanjing LAB Plant in the same year. In 1985, she joined  Molex Unit  revamp project and  Pacol Unit operation optimization project, which won the 2nd place Award of  Science and Technology Advancement by SINOPEC. During 1987 to 1989,  she became a reseaarch student at  Department of Chemical Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan, and she returned to Zhejiang University as an assitant in 1991.

    Since 1993, she has been working both on teaching and researching in the area of Modelling and Simulations. She gave two courses, "Applied Numerical Methods"  and "The Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Chemical Process Data" to the graduate students studing in the Department of Chemical Engineering.  In 1996, she was promoted to a Associate Professor. 

    In 2000, she finished her Ph.D program in Process Control Engineering at  Zhejiang University. In January of 2001, she became a visiting scholar of McMaster University, Canada, under the supervision of famous Prof. John MacGregor  in the area of  multivariate statistical analysis and its applications. 

    Now she is working at International College of Zhejiag University,  mainly in the Chinese Culture related area.

 Education History:

               1978 - 1982     Undergraduate,  Zhejiang University 

               1987 - 1989     Research Sudent,  Kyoto University, Japan

               1994 - 1996     Graduate, (Master),  Zhejiang University

               1997 - 2000     Graduate (Ph. D.),    Zhejiang University

               2001 - 2003     Visiting scholar,  McMaster University, Canada