Yingchun Fu, associate professor, doctoral supervisor, “distinguished young scholar”, in College of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science at Zhejiang University. He obtained his PhD degree in analytical chemistry (supervisor: Prof. Qingji Xie) from Hunan Normal University. Currently, he focused on the development of rapid and portable biosensing detection techniques and devices for agro-product/food safety. He is the first author and/or corresponding author of 22 peer-reviewed papers, 18 of which were published in journals of American Chemical Society or journals with impact factors higher than 5. He also coauthored other 25 peer-reviewed papers. He has six authorized patents in biosensing methods and devices. Based on his research, he is the owner of Excellent PhD Dissertation of Hunan province, the award nomination of National Excellent PhD Dissertation (2012), and the first prize in Natural Science Award of Hunan province (3/6, 2016). Currently he is the PI of five projects including those supported by National Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the 13th five-year plan for research and development, and “Excellent Poultry plan” funded by Walmart.

Research work

Biosensing technologies and instruments for agro-product/food safety.


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