Current PhD Students
Xiongfei Zhai, expected graduation 2018.
Fangyu Cui, expected graduation 2019.
Cunzhuo Zhao, expected graduation 2020.
Xihan Chen, expected graduation 2020. 
Yalin Wang, expected graduation 2022.
Qiyu Hu, expected graduation 2023. 

Current Master Students
Ling Zhang, expected graduation 2018.
Ying Xu, expected graduation 2019.
Kaidi Xu, expected graduation 2021.

PhD. Dissertations Supervised
1. Mingmin Zhao, Research on Transceiver Designs for Multiantenna Systems with SWIPT, PhD thesis, Zhejiang University, Jun. 2017, (Currently with Huawei Hangzhou research center).
2. Lei Zhang, Research on Nonlinear Precoding Techniques, PhD thesis, Zhejiang University, Jun. 2016, (Currently with Huawei Shanghai research center).
3. Boya Qin, Research on Advanced Low-Complexity Adaptive Beamforming Technique, PhD thesis, Zhejiang University, Jun. 2015, (Currently with Huawei Shanghai research center).

Master Theses Supervised
1. Yuan Gao, Transceiver Designs for Secure Communications in MIMO Systems,  Master's thesis, Zhejiang University, Mar. 2017, (Currently with ZTE Nanjing).
2. Xiaomin Wu, Research on Key Technology and Application for Blind Adaptive Beamforming, Master's thesis, Zhejiang University, Mar. 2016, (Currently with Huawei Shanghai research center).
3. Linzheng Qiu, Research on Blind Adaptive Algorithms Applied to Antenna Arrays, Master's thesis, Zhejiang University, Mar. 2016, (Currently with Microsoft, Shanghai).