Zhou Youhong

Born in Aug 1952,Shanghai ,China;
Associate Professor of School of Economics of Zhejiang University & secretary of Institute of Economic Research of Zhejiang University;
Scholar of Zhejiang University Chinese Confusions Businessman and the East Asian Civilization Research Centre;
Executive member of Council of Zhejiang "Capital Theory and the Socialist Market Economy" Research Association ;
Member of council of Zhejiang MaYinchu Research Association;
Responsible Person of Center for Development Women of Talent Development Association of Zhejiang Province.


Graduate studies in School of Economics of Shanghai Fudan University and School of Economics of Zhejiang University;
Graduated from Department of Political Science of Hangzhou University.


        In 1968,in response to National call to get close to masses,went to heilongjiang FuYuan County Haiqing community to
work ,fishing, hunting, farming .
        In 1973, began to teach English, mathematics and politics in Hangzhou Xiayan High school & the Middle School Affiliated to
Zhejiang University .
        Since 1979,began teaching in Zhejiang University, having spent more than 30 years of life teaching in Zhejiang University,
established the lessons for students from various specialties and departments, teaching:
"Capitalism", "The Selective Reading of Marx and Lenin Classics ",
"Political Economy", "Advanced Political Economy", "Institutional Economics", "Comparative Economics", "Macroeconomics", "Socialist Market Economy", "Contemporary World Politics Economy And International Relations",
"China Ancient Economics Theory History", "Harvard Creativity Thought", "Modern Business Management",
"The Book of Changes And Management",
"Individual Private Economics Management", "Advertised Management", "Community Services Management",
" China Modern Enterprise Management Innovation",
"Enterprise Culture", "Economics Essays Writing"
and so on, each belonging to broad study , general study , specialty or further education curriculums, having received students’general reception and applause .
        Busy it was, also started new courses to the public, in different types and styles according to the different demands, in the invitation of all walks of life and the College departments , where I receives audience's affection.

In the Field of Scientific Research:

devoted myself to research ,having published many articles such as:
"Market Economy and Social System",
"New Exploration on Re-Establish Individual Ownership ",
" Basic Questions of China Reforms and its Trend of Development",
"How to Stable Food Production",
" Strategic Choice of Enterprises Economic Development",
"Government Supervise And Management on Network Advertisements ",
"New Theory of Political Economics ",
"Marxism Principles",
"Political Economics Cases",
" Reform of Zhejiang Provincial Water Resources Management System ",
"Utilizing Multiple Teaching Methods and Enhancing Political Theory  Teaching Effects",
"Strengthening Social Practice Activities in Political Theory Teaching "
and so on, published in form of papers or monographs.   
        Having led and participated in completing research in different subject offered by Provincial Social Science Association and 
other academic and social organizations and different companies, also participated in academic exchange activities organized
by domestic or overseas, provincial and municipal specialized academic organizations.

Research work

Political Economy; Comparative Economics; Institutional Economics; The Book of Changes And Management