Educational Background:
1988.09-1993.07, Department of Architecture, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China (Bachelor)
1993.09-1996.07, Department of Architecture, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China (Master)
2000.09-2001.10, Department of Landscape, Sheffield University, Sheffield, United Kingdom (Master)
2006.02-2011.05, Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning, the University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia (Ph. D)
Professional Experience:
1996.08-2000.08,Hangzhou Architectural Design Institute, Hangzhou, China(Engineer)
2001.11-2002.07,HC Consultants, Sydney Australia (Landscape Designer)
2002.07-2003.02,Context Landscape Design, Sydney Australia (Senior Landscape Designer)
2003.05-2009.08, Department of Environmental Arts, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou China (Lecturer;1st Class Registered Architect)
From 2011.10, Institute of Landscape Architecture, College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Science, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China (Lecturer;from 2013.12:Associate Professor)
Main teaching courses:
Building Design in Landscape Architecture (for undergraduates)
Landscape Design  of Built Environment (for undergraduates)
Mapping Practice of Buildings in Traditional Chinese Gardens (for undergraduates)
Landscape Art and Planting Design (for undergraduates)
Main publications:
Yun ZHANG, Guo-liang WANG. the Trend of Landscape Architecture—stepping towards Nature: Review of Zu-gang Zhang’sIntroduction to the Development of Landscape Architecture in the World’. Architecture Journal. 2004(6)84-85.
 Yun ZHANG, Ming DU. Modern Landscape Design with Implied Expression of History—With Thames Barrier Park in London as an Example. Planners,2005 Vol.21(6)91-93.
Yun ZHANG, Catherin Bull. Landscape Architecture as International Practice: Trends in Australia and China as a Client. Urban Planning International. 2008, Vol. 23(5): 69-75
Yun ZHANG, Ming DU. China as a Site of International Planning and Design Practice Reflections on Cultivating a Sense of Place in Global Interconnections. EI (Engineering Village Index). 2011 International Conference on Consumer Electronics Communications and Networks. CECNet 2011-Proceedings Vol.2:1106-1109.
Yun ZHANG, Ming DU. the Approach of Landscape Architecture to Ecological Recovery. EI (Engineering Village Index). Advanced Materials Research 2012, Vols. 518-523: 5954-5958.
Yun ZHANG, Ming DU. Knowing Place in International Landscape Architectural Practice. EI (Engineering Village Index). Applied Mechanics and Materials 2012 Vols.193-194: 9-12
Yun ZHANG. the Idea of Place and the Response in Landscape Architectural Practice. Chinese Landscape Architecture. 2013. 08. Vol.29 (212): 79-83
Research Projects Directly in Charge:
【1】Research on Strategies for Guiding Urban Spaces and Utilizing Rain Water in Urban Landscape: Use Hangzhou as an Example. Research Funding of Social Science Department of Zhejiang Province, China (2014-2016)
【2】Research on Principles of Urban Morphology and Evolution on the Role of the Natural Cycle of Rainwater: Case Studies of Yangtze River Delta. National Research Funding of Natural Science, China (2015-2018)
Other Research and Design Projects
[1] Research on Architectural Design Principles for Hangzhou Cityscape and Local Characteristics: the Westbrook Zone. Ancient Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhejiang Province, China (2012-2013)
[2] Feasibility study on the project of Zhejiang Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum. Intangible cultural Heritage Protection Center of Zhejiang Province, China (2013-2013)
[3] Landscape and Architectural Design of Hangzhou Wai-tong-wu Artists Studio Park. Zhejiang Academy Building research & Design Co. Ltd., China (2013-2016)
[4] Concept Planning of Holiday Village in Quzhou Qi-li-xiang Scenic Area. Quzhou Qi-li-long-tan Holiday Village Co. Ltd., China (2013-2014) 
Main Awards:
2002, Bronze Award of National Excellent Designfor Hangzhou Red-star Theater. Role in the project: Head of the Architecture Part
2005,the First Prize in the First Chinese University Landscape Architecture Graduate Design Exhibition for Planning & Design of Huang-yan Jiu-feng Park. Role in the project:Supervisor
Research work

Urban Landscape and Ecology; Conservation of Vernacular landscape in Urban Development; Intergal Design of Building and Landscape