I am a professor of the Institute of Marine Biology, Department of Marine Sciences, Ocean College, Zhejaing University. I am an advisor of PhD. student and MS student, and my current research concerns different areas, including aquatic ecology, fish nutrition, aquatic micorbiology and sustainable aquaculture (integrated culture and offshore aquaculture). My Lab. locates in the Zhoushan campus, and more than ten PhD students, MS students and visting schlors work in the Lab. In the past years, I worked in fish meal replacement in aqua-feed for carnivorous fishes, optimizating of the integrated culture model for pearl mussel and fishes, compensatory growth of warm water fishes, ecology and mass culture of a saline cladocera Moina mongolica Daddy. I developed some novel techniques that improve the sustainablity of aquaculture industry, such as low fish meal diet formula for carnivorous fishes, quantitative integrated culture models for freshwater pearl mussel and fish farming, and mass culture of a saline cladocera in sea water as live food for marine fish larva. 

Research work

My research concerns two different aeras: Aquatic Ecosystem and Aquaculture. In aquatic ecosystem, I am interesting in heterogeneity, stability and self-organization of aquatic ecosystems, structure and function of aquatic food webs, aquatic ecosystem management, and ecological restroation. In aquaculture, I am interesting in the novel method for offshore aquaculture, quantative integrated culture,fish meal replacement in aqua-feed, microbial loop and manipulation, and mass culture of live foods.


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