Personal Data
Contact Address: College of Economics Zhejiang University
Postcode: 310027
Ph.D.: Political Economics, College of Economics Zhejiang University ,2005, Advisor: Professor Xuejun Jin
B.A.: International Finance, College of Economics Zhejiang University, 2000
Summer 2007-
Present                  Associate Professor, College of Economics Zhejiang University
Spring 2005-
Summer 2007      Assistant Professor & Postdoctor, College of Economics Zhejiang University
Visiting Scholar
Spring 2008-
Summer 2008 Department of Economics, Technology University Clausthal, Germany
Spring 2009-
Fall 2009   Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science, George Mason University, USA
Winter 2009-
Spring 2010  Department of Economics, Technology University Clausthal, Germany
Aug 2013-
Aug 2014     Center for Behavioral Economics, Business School, National University of Singapore
Research Interests
Experimental economics, Behavioral finance
A Cross-Cultural Real-Effort Experiment on Wage-Inequality Information and Performance.  The BE Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, 2013, 13(2), 1095-1120. (with Liu-Kiel, H., Cadsby, C. B., Schenk-Mathes, H. Y., Song, F)
Rumors Clarification and Stock Returns: Does the Bull Market Behave Differently from the Bear Market?, Emerging Market Finance and Trade, 2014, 50(1), 197-209  (with Yongli Luo)
The Role of Photographs in Online Peer-to-Peer Lending Behavior, Social Behavior and Personality An International Journal,  2014; 42(3).
Chinese College Students Risk Attitude to Moving Abroad to Study, Social Behavior and Personality, 201505,43(5).
The Effects of Financial and Recognition Incentives Across Work Contexts: The Role of Meaning, forthcoming in Economic Inquiry, 2016 (with MICHAEL KOSFELD, SUSANNE NECKERMANN)
The effect of Internet Media on Stock Markets: An empirical Study based on Text Mining, National Nature Science Fund,2013-2015
Research on the Early-Warning and Emergency Management System in Chinese stock markets, National Social Science Fund, 2008-2010
Incentives for Employee in German and China - Experimental Research, Project Based Personnel Exchange Program with China Scholarship Council and German Academic Exchange Service, 2008
An Experimental Study on Optimizing the Microstructure of Securities Markets, the National Science Foundation for Post-doctoral Scientists of China,2006-2008
Economics Association International Conference, Washington DC, 2009.6
Seminar in Department of Economics, Technology University Clausthal, 2010.1
Advanced Topics in Experimental and Behavioral Economics – Intra-cultural and Cross-cultural
Perspectives in Management Science, Sichuan University, Chengdu, 2010.5.
CES conference, Xiamen, 2010.6
International Workshop on Experimental Economics and Finance, Xiamen, 2010.12.
Seminar at South-Western University of Economics and Finance, Chengdu, 2011.5.
Singapore Economics Review Conference,Singapore,2011.8.
2012 International Conference for the Economic and Financial Challenges and Issues in the Asia-Pacific Countries,Chengdu,2012.8.
Economics Association International Conference, Sydney, 2015.7
Research work

Experimental economics, Behavioral finance