The preparation of zeolite films and their new applications as low-k dielectrics and corrosion-resistant coatings on aluminum alloys were carried out when I worked in University of California (Riverside). Their results were published in many well-known journals (ca. 20 papers). We have demonstrated that crystal orientation control in a continuous MFI film can be achieved by simple adjustment of synthesis compositions and synthesis conditions using direct in situ crystallization (@“Chemistry of Materials” and “Microporous and Mesoporous Materials”). b-oriented films obtained are particularly promising for many new applications including chemical sensors, membrane separation and as low-k dielectrics. Continuous zeolite thin films can also be obtained by spin-on of zeolite nanocrystal suspension, and these films have shown their potential as low-k dielectrics for the first time in the world. We have published two papers in “Advanced Materials” about zeolite thin films as low-k dielectrics, and these two papers have been cited by many researchers (more than 90 times) including famous groups in the world (Prof. M.E. Davis, Prof. M. Tsapatsis and so on). We have also shown that zeolite coatings can be used as corrosion-resistant coatings on aluminum alloys (@ “Electrochem. & Solid State Lett.”). We have also demonstrated that complex porous architectures such as micropatterned zeolite thin films, micro-macroporous zeolite structures, self-standing zeolite membranes, can be fabricated by using zeolite nanocrystals as “building blocks” throuth a novel, convenient, and versatile materials-processing approach (@ “J. Am. Chem. Soc.”). This paper has been cited more than 108 times. Our three US patents have been granted.

     MFI low-k thin films were also studied after I entered Asahi-Kasei Corporation, we could get a very low k as 2.0 without any post-treatment (e.g. silylation). We also developed LTA zeolite separation membranes having almost 100% yields for removing water from ethanol aqueous solution at Asahi-Kasei. The separation flux of this kind of membranes is several times higher than traditional LTA membranes. We have applied for 16 Japanese patents so far.

    In Zhejiang University, we still work on zeolite membranes, zeolite catalysts and new catalytic materials. In 2009, we published two JACS papers.

84.09-88.07 Department of Chemistry, Zhejiang University, B.S.
88.09-93.10 Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Catalysis, Ph.D. (under Prof. Liwu Lin)
93.12-96.11 Department of Chemistry, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Postdoc (with Prof. Yashima), zeolite catalysis
96.12-99.03 School of Materials, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, associate (with Prof. Sano), zeolite catalysts, zeolite membranes
99.03-01.11 Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of California at Riverside, visiting scholar (with Prof. Yushan Yan)
01.12-06.03 Asahi-Kasei Corporation, Chief researcher, zeolite film and membrane
06.04-07.04 Asahi-Kasei Chemicals Corporation, Chief researcher, zeolite catalysis
07.05-        Zhejiang University, Professor
Research work

Zeolite Catalysts, Zeolite films and membranes, Membrane separation