Dr. Zhefeng Gong got B.S. degree from Department of Biology, Wuhan University in 1995 and PhD degree from the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Science in 2000 under supervision of Prof Aike Guo. He did postdoctoral research at Unversity of Virginia with Prof. Jay Hirsh and Prof. J David Castle during 2000-2005. He joined the institutute of Biophysics in 2006 as an associate professor and moved to Medical School of Zhejiang University at 2012 as a full professor.

Research work

Our interest is to understand the relationship between the activity patterns of brain neurons and behavioral movement. The semitransparency of Drosophila larva allows imaging of neuronal activity in a behaving animal.By combing techniques such as Drosophila genetics, live calcium imaging, computational ethology, as well as machine learning, we hope to disclose the rule of neural coding of animal behavior.