Personal Information:

Name: Zou Guangsheng

Date of Birth: Nov. 24, 1967

Title: professor

Birth Place: Jiangsu China

Sex: Male

Marital Status: Married
Field: Chinese poetry and literary criticism, Comparative poetics

Work Place: Department of Chinese Language & Literature, Zhejiang University


Work Experience:


2008.1-2008.9     Harvard University   visiting scholar

2006.12 -2007.12  CCS, UC Berkeley        visiting scholar

2008- 2010          Zhejiang University,         professor

2000- 2007        Zhejiang University,             associate professor

1995-1997        Xuzhou Normal University,        lecturer




1985-1985   Henan University of Science and Technology  major in Education

1992-1995  Sichuan University   major in Word Literature  M.A.

1997-2000   Nanjing University   major in Literature Theory   Ph.D.

2000-2002   Zhejiang University    major in Comparative Poetics   Post Doctorate




Research work

literay thoery