2015.01 – Present   Associate Professor, Ocean College, Zhejiang University

2014.03 – 2014.12   Assistant Professor, Ocean College, Zhejiang University

2012.10 – 2014.2    Postdoctoral fellow, Ecotopia Science Institute, Nagoya University, Japan



2012 – Ph.D.  Civil and Environmental Engineering, Graduate school of Engineering

                   Nagoya University, Japan

2009 – M.S.   Environmental Engineering, Graduate school of Environmental Engineering 

                   Guilin University of Technology, China

2006 – B.S.   Environmental Engineering, School of Environmental Engineering

                   Guilin University of Technology, China


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Research work

My research filed focus on but limited to: 1) the microbial remediation of marine environmental contaminants and the research related to microplastic pollution; 2) Environmental toxicology and risk assessment of contaminants in aquatic ecosystems; 3) microbial fuel cells & bio-electrochemical systems; as well as 4) microbial genomics for examining microbial diversity and microbial biogeography.I have published over 30 peer-reviewed papers in leading journals such as Environmental Science & Technology, Bioresource Technology, Scientific Reports, Chemosphere, etc.