An educator with ONE DREAM*  to be a flash of light in the process of development of her students.

* My name "Wenjun"'s pronunciation is very similar  to "One Dream"


Ph.D. Comparative Education, Institute of international and Comparative Education, East China Normal University, 1997/07
M.A. Comparative Education, Hangzhou University, 1994/07
B.A. School Education, Hangzhou University, 1990/07
2004/09~2004/11 Environmental Education Programme, SIDA, Sweden and Shanghai
2000/07~2000/08   Internship in APEID,UNESCO, Bangkok
1997/10~1997/11 Psychological Consultant Training, Fudan University and Hong Kong Chinese University, Shanghai
2008/08~2009/07 Visiting Scholar, Harvard Yenching Institute, Harvard University
2003/04~2004/03 Project Researcher, Institute of Education, University of London
2002/06~2003/06 Visiting Academic, Institute of Education, University of London
1999/12~ now    Associate-professor in Education , Educational Department,
                Zhejiang University          
1997/8~1999/11 Lecturer in Education, Zhejiang University      
In English:
Book Review on: Modernising Education in Britain and China: Comparative perspectives on excellence and social inclusion, Journal of Education Policy, NO2.2004.
The following are all in Chinese:
The Development of Curriculum Resources in High School, Higher Education Publishing House, 2004
Postmodern Education, Yang-Chi Book Co., Ltd, 1998
Translated books:
Exemplars of Curriculum Theories, Education research publisher, 2005
Curriculum Visions, Education research publisher, 2004
Curriculum: a comparative perspective, Education research publisher, 2001
Edited Series :
Associate editor of ‘New Horizon of  Curriculum and Teaching.’ Zhejiang University Press, 2006-
On New Lines of Flights of Postmodern Curriculum Studies, Journal of Zhejiang University , Humanities and Social Sciences, NO.3.2008.
On Australian National Teaching Professional Standards, Global Education Prospects, NO.4 2007
The Impact of Individualism Cultural Traditions on Subjects of Higher Education in UK, Journal of Zhejiang University , Humanities and Social Sciences,NO.2.2007
Social Innovation and the Curriculum Culture of Self-Responsibility, Educational development Studies, NO.1 2007
Personal Interest, Social Responsibility, and the Mission of Comparative Educationist, Educational Research, NO.7,2006
School experiences for teacher training: a lesson from England, Global Education Prospects, NO.2 2006
Teachers Participation in Curriculum Development under the context of New Curriculum, Global Education Prospects, NO.12,2005
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The implications of Popper’s philosophy and educational research, Journal of foreign education studies, NO4,1996
On the school improvement, Journal of foreign education studies, NO3,1996
Recent research and development projects:
2010, the 12th 5 year education developmeng plan,Lishui district, Zhejiang Province
2009-2010, Curriculum Studies in China, organized by William Pinar, funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
2006-2007, Comparative Studies on Teacher Education, Ministry of Education,
2006-2007, Education under the Multicultural Context,. Centre of Christian and Multicultural Studies, Zhejiang University,
2003-2005, Curriculum Resources development for High school New Curriculum Reform, Ministry of Education, China
Research work

Curriculum Studies, Comparative education,Postmodern(postmodernism) and education