Yanqun ZHUMaster, Research Assistant

Institute for Thermal Power Engineering

Zhejiang University         

Hangzhou 310027                 

P.R. China                           

Telephone: 86-571-87953162

Fax: 86-571-87951616         



Date of Birth: Jan. 26, 1981

Sex: Female

Marital Status: Married


Educational Background

2001.09-2004.07                  Bachelor, “Thermal Power Engineering”, Zhejiang University (ZJU)

2005.09-2007.07         Master, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST)


Academic exchange


Participate the 5th International Symposium on Measurement Techniques for Multiphase Fow/2nd International Workshop on Process Tomography(5thISMTMF/IWPT-2) and make oral presentation, titled byMercury Emission Measurement in Coal-fired Boilers by Continuous Mercury Monitor and Ontario Hydro Method


Present in International Conference of Power Engineering (ICOPE-2007) in Hangzhou


Attend the workshop and do academic visit Florida University in USA.


Visit in Hawaii University in USA


Attend the (5th i-CIPEC) and make post presentation in Chiang Mai, Thailandtitled byNumerical simulation on mercury formation, distribution and transformation during coal combustion


Visit in Lund University, Sweden


Attend the workshop “Energy and Environmental issue” in Leeds University, UK and make the oral presentation Mercury Emissions and its Control in Coal-fired Power Plants.


Visit Manchester University in UK and Lund University in Sweden


Visit in Combustion Physics Lab, Lund University in Sweden.


Scientific Research Experience

[1]      Company ProjectMechanism and technology on Mercury control in the flue gas”No.H20072037 (2007.9.28-2010.9.27) 1 million RMB1/1.

[2]      (Sub topic of 863, also as international cooperation program with U.S. DOE), “Do mercury measurement and sampling in the 300MW,200MW coal-fired boiler” NO.2005AA520080,2005-20071.5 millionRMB,15/18.

[3]      National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program), “H2 and H2SO4 production using SI thermal cycle” No.2008AA05Z103 (2008.12.01-2010.11.30) 95万,4/6.

[4]    Chinese Natural Science of Foundation, “Investigation on reaction mechanism of low value synthies gas turbulence flame based on PLIF technique”No. J200808902009.01-2011.120.21million RMB3/7

[5]    Natural Science of Foundation of Zhejiang Province“H2 and H2SO4 production using SI thermal cycle”No.Y1065382007.1-2009.120.10million RMB6/6.

[6]    Chinese Natural Science of Foundation, “Investigation on mercury transformation during traditional APCD technology”No.200503350572006.01-2008.12,60 thousand RMB5/9.

[7]    International Project with UKInvestigation on biomass flash pyrolysis for oil production and biomass gasification for high value liquid fuelNo. 2009DFA610502009.01.01-2011.12.312,73million RMB8/13.





[1]    Project “Nano-metal fuel power circulation system”won the first prize in the second national university on energy-saving competition(Boqi cups), which is supervised by me.


Paper published

9 academic papers have been published, 3 SCI papers5 EI papers1 ISTP paper.


[1]      Yanqun ZhuJinsong ZhouSheng HeKefa Cen. Numerical simulation on mercury emission during coal combustion. Journal of Zhejiang University(Engineering Science).2009,43(5):942-947.EI paper

[2]      Yanqun ZhuJinsong ZhouXiaoshu CaiKefa Cen. Effect of various flue gas compositions on mercury speciation transformation during coal combustion. Journal of Zhejiang University(Engineering Science).2007,41(2):356-360.EI paper

[3]      Yanqun ZHU, Sheng HE, Jinsong ZHOU, Kefa CEN, Investigation on Hg0 Re-emission across a lab-scale WFGD system, Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Engineering-09 (ICOPE-09), November 16-20, 2009, Kobe, Japan. Paper No.D301.(ISTP)

[4]      Li YangYanqun ZhuZhihua WangGuojun WangJunhu Zhou, Kefa Cen. Experimental research on combustion characteristics of micron and nano iron powders.Journal of Zhejiang University(Engineering Science).EI paper

[5]      Zhihua Wang, Shudong Jiang, Yanqun Zhu, Jinsong Zhou, Junhu Zhou, Kefa Cen, Investigation on Elemental Mercury Oxidation Mechanism by Non-Thermal Plasma Treatment. Fuel Processing Technology, Accepted(SCI/EIIF=2.066corresponding author)

[6]      Sheng He, Jinsong Zhou, Yanqun Zhu, Zhongyang Luo, Mingjiang Ni, Kefa Cen. Mercury Oxidation over a Vanadia-based Selective Catalytic Reduction  Catalyst, Energy & Fuels, 2009,23(1),253-259. (SCI/EIIF=2.056(be cited for once)

[7]      Zhihua Wang, Junhu Zhou, Yanqun Zhu, Zhengcheng Wen, Jianzhong Liu, Kefa Cen.Simultaneous removal of NOx, SO2 and Hg in nitrogen flow in a narrow reactor by ozone injection: Experimental results. Fuel Processing Technology, 88 (2007), 817-823. (SCI/EI收录,IF=2.066)(be cited for 11

[8]      Research work

Pollutants emission control during coal combustion,i.e. Mercury and other heavy metals