Zhou Lin
  Ph. D., University of Tokyo, 2004


  38 Zheda Rd., Hangzhou 310027, China
  Phone: +86-571-87953935


- Feild of Interests 
   •  Geomorphology (Tectonic, Fluvial, Hillslope, Morphometry)
   •  Geoarchaeology
   •  Geospatial infomation analysis   


- Selected English Publications
• Lin, Z., Oguchi, T., Chen, Y.-G. and Saito, K. (2009): Constant slope alluvial fans and source basins in Taiwan. Geology, 37, no.9, 787-790.
• Lin, Z. and Oguchi, T. (2009): Longitudinal and transverse profiles of hilly and mountainous watersheds in Japan. Geomorphology, 111, 17-26.
• Hayakawa, Y.S., Oguchi, T. and Lin, Z. (2008): Comparison of new and existing global digital elevation models: ASTER G-DEM and SRTM-3. Geophysical Research Letters, 35, L17404.
• Lin, Z. and Oguchi, T. (2006): DEM analysis on longitudinal and transverse profiles of steep mountainous watersheds. Geomorphology, 78, 77-89.
• Lin, Z. and Oguchi, T. (2004): Drainage density, slope angle, and relative basin position in Japanese bare lands from high-resolution DEMs. Geomorphology, 63, 159-173.
• Lin, Z., Oguchi, T. and Duan, F. (1999): Topographic and climatic influences on population and soil in East to Southeast Asia: A GIS approach. Geographical Review of Japan, 72B, 181-192.