1997-2002        Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Machinery, with a specialization of Machinery CAD and CAE, Zhejiang University, China

1993-1997        Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Machinery and Equipment, Zhejiang University, China


2006-            Associate Professor, Institute of Thermal Engineering and Power System, Department of Energy Engineering, Zhejiang University, China

2008-2009      Visiting Professor, short term, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Queensland, Australia

2004-2006      Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute of Chemical Machinery, Department of Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University, China

2002-2004      Senior Product Manager of R&D Dept., Shenzhen Adam Software Company, China. (Researched in AM/FM/GIS technologies and devoted to informationization of public utility industries, i.e., electricity, gas and water supply companies, etc)

Research Areas

Computer-aided process engineering (CAPE); Thermal system simulation and integration; Energy system analysis and optimization; Intelligent computer-aided design of utility and industrial boiler, as well as heat recovery steam generator; Engineering application of CFD and FEA methods.

Research / Engineering Projects

2009-2011        “Performance Analysis System of Supercritical Boiler in Power Plant”, developing for China Guodian Corporation, which is one of the largest state-owned power generation groups in China.

2009-2010       “Structure Optimization and Numerical Simulation of Flow and Temperature Fields in the Radiation Chamber of a Waste-Heat Boiler for Copper Flash Smelting”, completed for China Nerin Engineering Co. Ltd.

2007-2009        “Integrated Platform for Collaborative Design of Boiler Products”, a National Key Project of Science and Technology Supporting Programs during Chinese 11th Five-year Plan.  

2004-2008        BESS - General-purpose Boiler Design Calculation System”, including thermodynamic, hydrodynamic, aerodynamic, and structure strength calculation subsystems, a National Key Project for Promoting Science and Technology Achievements during Chinese 10th Five-year Plan, and has been applied to more than half of first-level boiler manufacturing enterprises in China.

2005-2007       “Steady-State Thermal Performance Simulation System of Power Plant Boiler”, a Key Science and Technology Research Project for Industries of Zhejiang Province of China.  

2002-2004        “AT-POWER - GIS Based Production Management Solutions for Electric Power Supply Industry”, participated in Shenzhen Adam Software Company.

2000-2001        “FEA based Structural Optimization of the Steel Framework of 75 t/h CFB Boiler”, completed for Taiyuan Boiler Groups Company.

2000-2001        “FEA based Structural Optimization of 105 m3 Oil Tank”, completed for Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical Design Institute.

1998-2000        “Equipment Management System for Petrochemical Enterprise”, developed for Dushanzi Petrochemical Factory of Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region.

1998-1999        “Simulation Training System of Operating Polypropylene Production Equipment”, developed for Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical Factory.

1997-2000        “Boiler CAD System”, a National Leading Project of CAD technology Applied Engineering during Chinese 9th Five-year Plan, developed for Hangzhou Boiler Works.

Representative Publications

Ÿ   ZHONG Wei, WU Yan-ling, TONG Shui-guang etc. 2010. Optimal design of convection heating surface of boiler based on genetic algorithm. Journal of Zhejiang University: Engineering Science 44(12): 2291-2296.

Ÿ   ZHONG Wei, TONG Shui-guang. 2006. Research on technologies and methods of intelligent boiler CAD. Journal of Zhejiang University: Engineering Science 40(4): 572-576.

Ÿ   ZHONG Wei, FU Ying-chun, TONG Shui-guang. 2002. Research on the system modeling of general-purpose software for boiler thermal performance calculation. Power Engineering 22(2): 1681-1685.

Ÿ   ZHOU Hong-bo, ZHONG Wei, WU Yan-ling, TONG Shui-guang. 2008. Scheme design based on case-based reasoning in utility boiler. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems 14(1): 1-5.

Ÿ   XIE Jin-fang, ZHONG Wei, ZHOU Yi, WU Yan-ling, TONG Shui-guang. 2010. Algorithm for hydrodynamic calculation of boiler based on basic loop adjustment by flow regulation. Journal of Zhejiang University: Engineering Science 44(3): 499-504.

Representative Academic Awards

Ÿ   2007, The First Class of Science and Technology Progress Prize for the project of developing “Boiler Thermodynamic Calculation System”, awarded by Zhejiang Provincial Government

Ÿ   2001, The Third Class of Science and Technology Progress Prize for the collaborative project of developing “Equipment Management System for Petrochemical Enterprises”, awarded by Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region Government.

Ÿ   2000, The Second Class of Science and Technology Progress Prize for the project of developing “Boiler CAD System”, awarded by Zhejiang Provincial Government.


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