York-Zhejiang Summer School on Cognitive Communications

 Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

October 25-31, 2010



  Thanks to funding from Research Councils UK in China (http://www.rcuk.cn/rcuk/fore/index_en.php), the first York-Zhejiang Summer School on Cognitive Communications will take place from 25 – 31 October 2010 at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. The central aim is to bring together 100 like-minded research active individuals to explore the ever-growing field of Cognitive Communications, which encompasses cognitive radio, cognitive networks, and application of cognition to other aspects of communications systems.  
Supported by a team of ten expert instructors, five from the UK and five from China, the programme includes tutorials, providing an in-depth introduction to key topics, lectures dealing with more specialist techniques, workshops, one centred on a mini-project “a tech-fest” to be undertaken during the week, the other giving delegates hands on experience of tools and implementation. There will also be time for a short seminar and poster session, to allow delegates to display their current research in the area. Briefings of various relevant projects from around the world will also be given. A visit to a local wireless communications company (or industrial research lab such as Huawei Lab in Hangzhou) will provide further interest and diversity. The evening will be more devoted to cultural aspects, with a welcome reception and banquet, and also themed events from the UK (pub quiz) and China.
The School is designed for Masters students, PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and junior Lecturers with interests in Cognitive Communications. Courses will be comparable to first year graduate courses.

Aims & Expected Outcomes:

  • To train participants in new approaches to Cognitive Communications, by spreading existing knowledge and expertise to the next generation of the researchers.
  • To encourage and facilitate cooperative research initiatives between individual participants and their institutions.
  • To attract the highest quality research active individuals from universities worldwide, with the majority of delegates being from China and UK.
  • To provide a forum for in depth interactions between attendees, forming solid foundations for developing future collaborations. 
  • To competitively award a limited number of bursaries to cover registration fees, and partially support travel and subsistence.    (Registration fees have been kept at a low rate of £175 (1750 RMB) for attendees not lucky enough to be awarded a bursary.) 
  • To introduce applicants to a wide range of new and developing techniques and to encourage future co-operation between Chinese and British engineers and scientists in research projects on Cognitive Communications.


Progamme & Timetable:


 How To Apply - Application Process:

Places and bursaries will be awarded on a competitive basis.
The application requirements are as follows:
  1. Short CV – highlighting any expertise in the area and publications.
  2. Personal statement (200 words maximum) including:
  •  Why you would like to attend the Summer School
  • The benefits the Summer School will be bring to your research and that of your research group
  • A synopsis of your research or research project
  1. A letter of support from your organisation (e.g. Head of Department or supervisor) supporting your application, including a statement whether your attendance is conditional on you also being awarded a bursary, and a commitment that your organisation will cover the remaining (or all) costs in attending the Summer School.
Applications should be sent by Email to
Prof Honggang Zhang (honggangzhang@zju.edu.cn) – for applicants based in China.
Dr David Grace (dg@ohm.york.ac.uk)– for all other applications.

 Selection Process:

In assessing the applications the following criteria will be applied in order of priority:
  • Relevance of the Summer School to your research or research project
  • Potential or track record of the applicant, depending on level of experience
  • An indication that financial support will be forthcoming from your organisation to cover all, or remaining costs, if awarded a bursary
There will be a maximum of 100 places available in the Summer School. It is expected that places (and bursaries) will be awarded based on the geographical location of the applicants’ organisations, broken down as follows:
  • 50 places (15 RMB1000 bursaries) China
  • 30 places (15 £500 bursaries) UK
  • 20 places from other organisations from elsewhere in the world not included in the above.
The Organisers reserve the right to adjust the breakdown of awards in the light of the applications received.



Dr. David Grace
Department of Electronics
University of York
Heslington, York, YO10 5DD
United Kingdom
Prof. Honggang Zhang
Department of Information Science & Electronic Engineering (ISEE)
Zhejiang University
Zheda Road 38, Hangzhou 310027
P. R. China

 Summer School Lecturers:

UK Lecturer Team

1.     Dr David Grace, University of York, dg@ohm.york.ac.uk 
2.     Dr Paul Mitchell, University of York, pdm@ohm.york.ac.uk
3.     Mr Tim Clarke, University of York, tim@ohm.york.ac.uk
4.     Dr Oliver Holland, King’s College London (KCL),  oliver.holland@kcl.ac.uk
5.     Dr Maziar Nekovee, BT/University College London (UCL) , maziar.nekovee@bt.com

China Lecturer Team

1.    Dr. Honggang Zhang, Zhejiang University, honggangzhang@zju.edu.cn
2.    Dr. Xinbing Wang, Shanghai Jiaotong University, xwang8@sjtu.edu.cn
3.    Dr. Lingyang Song, Peking University, lingyang.song@pku.edu.cn
4.    Dr. Wei Chen, Tsinghua University, wchen@tsinghua.edu.cn         
5.    Dr. Wei Wang, Zhejiang University, wangw@zju.edu.cn


  • For the registration from outside of China, please contact Dr. David Grace (to be updated by York team).
  • For the registration from inside of China, please contact Prof Honggang Zhang (to be updated by Zhejiang team).
  • If you have any queries please contact Mr. Cui Yun, Email:skygon@zju.edu.cn.


We can recommend hotels at discounted rates. Please contact Mr. Yun Cui (skygon@zju.edu.cn) for more information.

 Venue & Travel Details:

The Summer School will be held at the Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University (http://www.zju.edu.cn/english/), Hangzhou, China.


Department of Information Science & Electronic Engineering (ISEE)
Yuquan Campus
Zhejiang University
Zheda Road 38, Hangzhou 310027
P. R. China
Tel & Fax: 86-571-87952022




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