Lu Xiaoyan, male, born in 1972, Zhejiang University, 1994 industrial design graduate, taught at Hangzhou University the same year (later merged into Zhejiang University) advertising professional, won in 2000 Master of Journalism and Communication, 2005 Ph.D. in Communication service study degree (supervisor Professor Shao Peiren), promoted Fu Gaozhi 2004, received his Ph.D. in 2010. Any of Zhejiang University associate professor of Media and International Culture, New Media and Animation Communication Research Institute Communication Research Centre, the media director of experimental teaching, Shuodao; news director of teaching comprehensive laboratory experiments, senior engineer. 2006 Ministry of Education - Dentsu Advertising Exchange Visiting Fellow training program. Part-time member of the Academic Committee of China Advertising Association, the National Assessment of advertising professional and technical qualifications Expert Committee, Zhejiang Communication Society member. 2008, Assistant Minister of attachment to the party committee propaganda.
Teaching aspects of advertising during the program has taught more than the door, the main research directions: Advertising, Journalism and Communication, Design, Internet and multimedia technology, corporate image planning. Host national and provincial press advertising and a number of communication issues, won several national and provincial awards; was awarded the title of technical experts in Zhejiang Province. Various types of advertising design Shubai Li presided over the completion. Representative works of "graphic design" "modern enterprise and corporate image design," "computer-aided design based advertising," "Advertising Design", "Market Wizard: Network Communication and Advertising", "Asia Pacific Advertising Classic Appreciation," "electronic media Advertising. " The dozen books, research reports, more than, dozens of papers, published nearly a variety of writing millions of words.

Research work

Courses taught more than the door: "CIS corporate image design basis", "corporate image and planning," "Computer Design", "plane and solid constitution," "Advertising Design", "Advertising design and production," "electronic media advertising," "network editing and production "" Excellent appreciation of television advertising, "" computer graphics production, "" introduction to design "" logo design Introduction. " National "Eleventh" Five-Year Plan textbook "Advertising design and production of computers," editor in chief. Important research projects: the national "Tenth Five" major scientific and technological projects - "Key Technologies and Network Education Demonstration Project," Special Project: quality courseware and online virtual experiments, Zhejiang Province, Philosophy and Social Science "fifth," planning issues "- I Provincial Strategies of Internet news and propaganda, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" project "- the province mobile phone, Internet and other new media applications, management of the Ministry of Education Curriculum National New Century Network project" advertising copy writing "," Computer Design and Advertising production ", Science, Zhejiang self-examination," fifteen "key planning issues the project -" self-examination based on distance learning multimedia courseware development method "is responsible for teaching a number of experimental projects: Teaching Experimental Center News, news media teaching practice base construction, cultural construction of teaching experiment centers. Advertising practices Shubai Li presided over the completion, the main list: Hangzhou East crown Group CIS planning, Hangzhou West Group CIS planning, corporate image, Hangzhou Drainage Corporation, Hangzhou Dahua VI Design Decoration Engineering Company, Zhejiang International Commodity Auction Center logo image and advertising design, Beck beer outlets in Asia Pacific POP advertising design, advertising design in Hong Kong 丹菲 cosmetics series, Hua Shi Xi serving Television advertising creative design and production, "the window of Deqing" electronic design and development of multimedia CD-ROM.