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 Jinsong Lan, Professor,PhD

Current post

Professor,College of Education, Zhejiang University, China

Recent Research interests:

1.Philosophy、Sociologgy and Politics of Higher Education

2. ManagementCultivation of National and Global Leader


Previous positions:

2009-2010, Visiting Scholar, Baylor University, American
2003, 4-6,  Visiting Professor, National Chi Nan University, Taiwan
1997-2009, Lecturer, Associate Professor & Professor, Institute of Education, Tsinghua University,Beijing
1989-1991, Teacher, Zhutan Middle School,Wanzai,Jiangxi



Jinsong Lan,Exploration on Knowledge and Truth: Multimensional Approach to Development of University,People's Education Press,2008

Jinsong Lan. Higher Education and Human Resources Market. Tsinghua University Press1998

Translation Books:

Ronald Barnett,The Idea of Higher Education(Open University Press,1990), Peking University Press,2012      

Charles M.Vest. Pursuing the Endless Frontier:  Essays on MIT and the Role of the research University (MIT Press,2004), Peking University Press2008,2013

Edited Books:

Jiangli, Jinsong Lan, Practice and Exploration of Principals’leadership, Zhejiang University Press2012

Selected Journal Articles:

Jinsong Lan, Yanan Han ,On Wisdom Education:An inquiry of phenomenology,Renmin University of China Educational Journal,No 1,Mar 2014

JInsong Lan,Higher Education and Politicians:A comprehensive survery and analysis of the educational background of the national leaders of the G20,Renmin University of China Educational Journal,No 2,Jun 2013

Jinsong Lan, On great books,Academia,10[2010]

Jinsong Lan,On the Master: and the Contribution of the Great Master, Tsinghua Journal of Education,3(2007)

Jinsong Lan, Tsinghua University on Both Sides of the Strait, 21st Century (HongKong),12(2007)

Shuguang Zhang and Jinsong Lan , Basic Models of the Strategic Management in University, Modern University Education,4(2006) 

Jinsong Lan , Extrinsic Human Characeristics and their Educational Meanings, Tsinghua Journal of Education,3(2005)

Jinsong Lan,The academic Backgrounds and Working Conditions of US Research University Presidents: the Case of 23 Prominent Universities,China Higher Education Research,12(2004)

Gilsun song and Jinsong Lan, Ideas and Strategies for the Development of Seoul University of  Korea, Studies in Foreign Education,6(2003)

Jinsong Lan,Circle and Square: The Idea of University Management and Its Operation,Tsinghua Journal of Education,5(2003)

Jinsong Lan, A Comparison of the Idea of the university in Eastern Culture and Western Culture,Journal of Tsinghua Uinversity (Philosophy and Social Sciences),6(2002)

Jinsong Lan,The Idea of the University and its Operation Mechanisms: Two Keys in the Construction of the World-class University, Journal of Higher Education,5(2001)


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