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Professor | Doctoral supervisor
2024-03-11 | 59389
  • 0571-88206827
  • School of Management, Building-A 917
    • Inventory Management, Revenue Management


2020.01-Now                 Tenured Full Professor, Zhejiang University.

2017.01-2019.12                   Professor, Zhejiang University.

2013.12-2016.12             Associate Professor, Zhejiang University.

2012.06-2013.12             Assistant Professor, Zhejiang University.

2007.09-2011.01             PhD, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

2004.09-2007.06             M.S. Mathematics, Nanjing University.

2000.09-2004.06             B.S. Mathematics, Nanjing University.


Yi Yang obtained his PhD degree from the Department of System Engineering and Engineering Management at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. In March 2012, he joined the Department of Data Science and Management Science at Zhejiang University. His main research interests include inventory management, revenue management and operations management. He has published several papers in TOP journals, such as Management Science, Operations Research, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, and Production and Operations Management, etc. He was named an Distinguished Young Scholars and Excellent Young Scholar by the Natural Science Foundation of China and a Chang Jiang Young Professor by the Ministry of Education in China.

Research Interests: Data-driven Inventory Management and Revenue Management, New Retailing, Blockchain, Sharing Economy 

Associate Editor for  Naval Research Logistics and JORSC. 


Teaching Courses

  1. Decisions and Game Theory (Postgraduate Level)

  2. Operations Research (Both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level)

  3. Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Undergraduate Level)

  4. Stochastic Process (Postgraduate Level)



  • J. Hu, W.L. Xue, and Y. Yang. 2024. ``Reward-Based Crowdfunding vs. Initial Coin Offering". Forthcoming in Production and Operations Management. LINK

  • J.K. Huang, K. Shang, Y. Yang, W. Zhou and L. Yuan. 2023. "Taylor Approximation of Inventory Policies for One-Warehouse, Multi-Retailer Systems with Demand Feature Information". Forthcoming in Management Science. LINK

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  • X. Chen, A. Tai, and Y. Yang, 2014. "Optimal Production and Pricing Policies in a Combined Make-to-Order/Make-to-Stock System."  International Journal of Production Research, 52(23), pp. 7027-7045.

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  • Ozgun Caliskan-Demirag, Frank Y. Chen, and Yi Yang, 2013. Production-Inventory Control Policy under Warm/Cold State-dependent fixed Costs and Stochastic Demand:Partial Characterization and Heuristics." Annals of Operations Research, 208, pp. 531-556.

  • Zhiyuan Chen, and Yi Yang, 2010 Optimality of (s, S, p) Policy in a General Inventory-Pricing Model with Uniform Demands.” Operations Research Letter, 8, pp. 256-260.

Working Paper:

  • Q. Jin, L. Liu, and Y. Yang. 2020. "Parallel or Sequential? Platform's Search-Pattern Preference: The Role of Assortment".LINK

  • Y.Yang, Z.Y. Zhang, and L. Liu. 2021. ``Monetizing Showrooming". LINK

  • Y.L. Hu, W.L. Xue, and Y. Yang. 2021. ``Signaling Quality in Initial Coin Offerings with Funds Regulation". LINK

  • S. Ji, C. Shi and Y. Yang. 2023.  Online Learning and Pricing for Multiple Products with Reference Price Effects. LINK

  • L. Liu, Z.Y. Shi, Y. Yang, Q. Yuan, Z.Y. Zhang. 2023. Coopetition in Omnichannle OperationsLINK

  • Q. Chen, S. Chen, C. Dong, L. Liu and Y. Yang. 2023. The Economic Value of Online-celebrity.


  • The Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, "Online live-stream and supply chain system optimization", 2023-2027. Principal Investigator of Subtopic. 

  • The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, ”Data-driven Inventory Management”, 2022-2026. Principal Investigator.

  • The Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, "Operation Management in New Retail", 2020-2024. Principal Investigator of Subtopic. 

  •  Innovative Research Group of National Natural Science Foundation of China, "Service Science and Innovation Management", 2019-2025. Core Member. 

  •  National Natural Science Foundation of China, ”Data-driven Revenue Management.” 2019.1-2022.12. Principal Investigator.

  •  Excellent Young Scholar of National Natural Science Foundation of China, ``Stochastic Multi-echelon Inventory Systems." 2016.1-2018.12. Principal Investigator.

  •  National Natural Science Foundation of China, ''Stochastic Inventory Management under Different Ordering Cost Structures." 2013.1-2015.12. Principal Investigator.

  •  The Key Project of National Social Science, ''The Impact of Information Technology on Resources Allocation." 2015-2019. Principal Investigator of One Subtopic.

Honors And Awards

Honors and Awards 

  1. INFORMS Junior Faculty Interest Group (JFIG) Paper Competition, Honorable Mention, 2014.
  2. Young Scientist Award, Operations Research Society of China, 2014.






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