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Professor | Doctoral supervisor
Marine Science
Ocean College
  • +86-580-2092319
  • 387 Ocean Science Building, Zhejiang University-Zhoushan Campus 1# Zheda Road, Zhousan 316021, P.R.China
    • · Spatial-temporal distribution and magmatic evolution and mineralization of large igneous provinces in the world
    • · HT-UHT and HP-UHP and LTHP metamorphism,magmatism and tectonic evolution in oceanic subduction zones and within-plate tectonic setting in East Asia
    • · Fluid roles in rocks and ores and deep geological process
    • · Sea-floor geological characteristics and formation mechanism such of a natural gas hydrate and sulfide deposit
    • · Evaluation system building of the geotourism, and global and national geoparks (including national parks)
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