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Chih-Hung Hsu Ph.D.
Principal Investigator | Doctoral supervisor
2023-12-13 | 15123
  • +86-19521516916
  • Biological Experimental Center Rm 518, 866 Yuhangtang Road, Hangzhou 310058, Zhejiang, China
    • Epigenetic regulation


Hsu Laboratory


Chih-Hung Hsu

Principal Investigator of Institute of Genetics,

Joint Professor of Women’s Hospital,

Joint Faculty of Department of Environmental Medicine,

Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Education and Experience

2011/09 - 2017/10     Research Fellow in Dr. Yang Shi lab at Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School

2008/07 - 2011/08     Postdoctoral training with Dr. Li-Jung Juan at Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

2001/09 - 2006/09     Ph.D., Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

1997/09 - 2001/06     B.S., Department of Food and Nutrition, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan


Research interests

Dr. Chih-Hung Hsu joined Zhejiang University School of Medicine as a Research Fellow in 2018. He has been interested in Epigenetic Regulation by DNA, RNA, and histone modifications. In the past years, his researches include:

1) Demonstration of RNA methylation (m6A) as a stimuli-response factor for environmental stresses (Cell Reports 2022Cover ArticleNature Communications 2022Nature 2017, highlighted in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell BiologyCancer DiscoveryScience Signaling, and F1000);

2) Hyperthermia-mediated destabilization of abnormal cellular factors (Cell Reports 2022, Cover ArticleResearch 2022Blood Cancer Discovery 2021, commented in Blood Cancer Discovery: Spotlight);

3) Investigation of the roles of Epi-markers in distinct oncological bioprocesses (Cell Reports 2012, selected into Cell Reports Best of 2012, commented in Nature Reviews Cancer, highlighted by Cell and Cell Reports websitesEMBO Journal 2004Oncogene 2012Frontiers in Oncology 2022);

4) Identifying new regulatory complexes and a new EZH2 inhibitor (Theranostics  2021Theranostics  2020Nucleic Acids Research 2019)

The Hsu Lab is interested in studying the biological functions of Epi-markers (chemical modifications on DNA, RNA, and histones) and how Epi-markers are dynamically regulated. We are focusing on two major directions:

- Identification of novel epigenetic writers, readers, erasers, and complexes.

- Investigation of how Epi-markers respond to environmental stress (UV, Thermal stress, Viruses, and Pollutions).

ORCiD: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8071-0122

Lab Members

Hsu Laboratory - Lab Members 


      Chih-Hung Hsu, Principal Investigator

Email: ch_hsu@zju.edu.cn


      Jiebo Lin, 2018 PhD student

Email: 271065959@qq.com

      Lingfang Wang, 2018 PhD student

Email: wanglingfang@zju.edu.cn

      Guankai Zhan, 2019 PhD student

Email: 727571989@qq.com

      Jinfeng Liu, 2019 PhD student

Email: liujinfeng@zju.edu.cn

      Jian Zhang, 2019 Master student

Email: 984597094@qq.com

      Kunhui Su, 2020 Master student

Email: 22018049@zju.edu.cn

      Yanwen Liang, Exchange student

Email: yanwen95@zju.edu.cn

      Wentao HeIntern

Email: 3180102371@zju.edu.cn

      Yingfeng Su, Intern

Email: 3180102741@zju.edu.cn

      Bahadir Tursun, Intern

Email: 3200106288@zju.edu.cn



      Jiafeng Chen, Intern

      Yite Xue, Exchange Master student

      Aihua Shen, Research Assistant/Lab Manager




Selected Publications: 

● Wang L#, Zhan G#, Maimaitiyiming Y#, Su Y, Lin S, Liu J, Su K, Lin J, Shen S, He W, Wang F, Chen J, Sun S, Xue Y, Gu J, Chen X, Zhang J, Zhang L, Wang Q, Chang KJ, Chiou SH, Björklund M, Naranmandura H*, Cheng X*,  Hsu CH*. m6A Modification Confers Thermal Vulnerability to HPV E7 Oncotranscripts via Reverse Regulation of its Reader Protein IGF2BP1 upon Heat Stress.

Cell Reports. 2022 Oct 25;41(4):111546.image.png


Cover Article


● Chen S#, Zhang L#, Li M#, Zhang Y#, Sun M, Wang L, Lin J, Cui Y, Chen Q, Jin C, Li X, Wang B, Chen H, Zhou T*, Wang L*Hsu CH*, Zhuo W*. Fusobacterium nucleatum Reduces METTL3-mediated m6A Modification and Contributes to Colorectal Cancer Metastasis.

Nature Communications. 2022 Mar 10;13(1):1248.image.png


 Liu J#, Lin J#, Chen J#, Maimaitiyiming Y, Su K, Sun S, Zhan G, Hsu CH*Bisphenol C induces developmental defects in liver and intestine through mTOR signaling in zebrafish (Danio rerio).

Chemosphere. 2023 May;322:138195. doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2023.138195. image.png


● Maimaitiyiming Y#, Yang T#, Wang QQ#,  Feng Y, Chen Z, Björklund M, Wang F, Hu C*Hsu CH*, Naranmandura H*. Heat Treatment Promotes Ubiquitin-Mediated Proteolysis of SARS-CoV-2 RNA Polymerase and Decreases Viral Load. 

Research. 2022 Feb 23;2022:9802969.image.png


● Maimaitiyiming Y#, Wang QQ#, Yang C, Ogra Y#, Lou Y, Smith CA, Hussain L, Shao YM, Lin J, Liu J, Wang L, Zhu Y, Lou H, Huang Y, Li X, Chang KJ, Chen H, Li H, Huang Y, Tse E, Sun J, Bu N, Chiou SH, Zhang YF, Hua HY, Ma LY, Huang P, Ge MH, Cao FL, Cheng X, Sun H, Zhou J, Vasliou V, Xu P, Jin J, Björklund M, Zhu HH, Hsu CH*, Naranmandura H*. Hyperthermia Selectively Destabilizes Oncogenic Fusion Proteins.

Blood Cancer Discovery. 2021 May 11;2(4):388-401.image.png


Commented in: 'IN THE SPOTLIGHT' PML/RARA destabilization by hyperthermia: a new model for oncogenic fusion protein degradation?

Blood Cancer Discovery2021 Jun 10;2(4):300-301.image.png


 Xiang Y#, Laurent B#, Hsu CH#, Nachtergaele S, Lu Z, Xu C, Sheng W, Chen H, Jian O, Wang S, Ling D, Hsu PH, Zou L, Jambhekar A, He C, Shi Y. RNA m6A methylation regulates the ultraviolet-induced DNA damage response.

Nature. 2017 Mar 23;543(7646):573-576.image.png

#Co-first author. The order of three first authors was determined by a roll of the dice.


Commented in:

Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology: RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT. 2017 May;18(5):277.image.png

Cancer Discovery: Research Watch. DOI: 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-RW2017-058.image.png

Science Signaling: EDITORS' CHOICE. DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.aan2960.image.png

F1000Prime: Article Recommendations.image.png



 Huang Y#, Yu SH#, Zhen WX, Cheng T, Wang D, Lin JB, Wu YH, Wang YF, Chen Y, Shu LP, Wang Y, Sun XJ, Zhou Y, Yang F*Hsu CH*, Xu PF*. Tanshinone I, a new EZH2 inhibitor restricts normal and malignant hematopoiesis through upregulation of MMP9 and ABCG2.

Theranostics. 2021 May 8;11(14):6891-6904.image.png


The Top 50 High Impact Research of Traditional Medicine" in 2021. This selection was organized by the Journal of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine with the support of the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine announced on April 11, 2023.image.png


 Chen HY, Wang ML, Laurent B, Hsu CH*, Chen MT, Lin LT, Shen J, Chang WC, Hsu J, Chen YW, Huang PI, Li CP, Ma HI, Yang YP, Hung MC, Chen CH, Lin WC, Chiou SH*. Musashi-1 promotes stress-induced tumor progression through recruitment of AGO2. 

Theranostics. 2020 Jan 1;10(1):201-217.image.png


 Tsai PH#, Chien Y#, Wang ML#Hsu CH#, Laurent B#, Chou SJ, Chang WC, Chien CS, Li HY, Lee HC, Huo TI#, Hung JH#, Chen CH, Chiou SH. Ash2l interacts with Oct4-stemness circuitry to promote super-enhancer-driven pluripotency network.

Nucleic Acids Research. 2019 Nov 4;47(19):10115-10133.image.png

#Co-first author

 Zhang J, Lee YR, Dang F, Gan W, Menon AV, Katon JM, Hsu CH, Asara JM, Tibarewal P, Leslie NR, Shi Y, Pandolfi PP, Wei W. PTEN Methylation by NSD2 Controls Cellular Sensitivity to DNA Damage.

Cancer Discovery. 2019 Sep;9(9):1306-1323.image.png

 Lee YR, Chen M, Lee JD, Zhang J, Lin SY, Fu TM, Chen H, Ishikawa T, Chiang SY, Katon J, Zhang Y, Shulga YV, Bester AC, Fung J, Monteleone E, Wan L, Shen C, Hsu CH, Papa A, Clohessy JG, Teruya-Feldstein J, Jain S, Wu H, Matesic L, Chen RH, Wei W, Pandolfi PP. Reactivation of PTEN tumor suppressor for cancer treatment through inhibition of a MYC-WWP1 inhibitory pathway.

Science. 2019 May 17;364(6441).image.png

Commented in:

Science: PERSPECTIVERestoring tumor suppression. DOI: 10.1126/science.aax5526.image.png

Cancer Discovery: Research Watch. DOI: DOI: 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-RW2019-080.image.png

F1000Prime: Article Recommendations.image.png

 Greer EL, Blanco MA, Gu L, Sendinc E, Liu J, Aristizábal-Corrales D, Hsu CH, Aravind L, He C, Shi Y. DNA Methylation on N6-Adenine in C. elegans.

Cell. 2015 May 7; 161(4):868-78.image.png

Cover Article

Previewed in: An Adenine Code for DNA: A Second Life for N6-Methyladenine.

Cell. 2015 May 7; 161(4):710-3.image.png


 Hsu CH#, Peng KL#, Kang ML, Chen YR, Yang YC, Tsai CH, Chu CS, Jeng YM, Chen YT, Lin FM, Huang HD, Lu YY, Teng YC, Lin ST, Lin RK, Tang FM, Lee SB, Hsu HM, Yu JC, Hsiao PW, Juan LJ. TET1 suppresses cancer invasion by activating the tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases.

Cell Reports. 2012 Sep 27; 2:(3):568–79.image.png

Highlighted at Cell homepage from 14 to 27 September, 2012

Highlighted at Cell Reports homepage from 27 September to 25 October, 2012

Selected into Cell Reports Best of 2012.

Commented in Nature Reviews Cancer: RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT. 2012 Nov;12(11):738-9.image.png

#Co-first author




 Hsu CH, Peng KL, Jhang HC, Lin CH, Wu SY, Chiang CM, Lee SC, Yu WC, Juan LJ. The HPV E6 oncoprotein targets histone methyltransferases for modulating specific gene transcription.

Oncogene. 2012 May 3;31(18):2335-49.image.png


 Hsu CH, Chang MD, Tai KY, Yang YT, Wang PS, Chen CJ, Wang YH, Lee SC, Wu CW, Juan LJ. HCMV IE2-mediated inhibition of HAT activity downregulates p53 function.

EMBO Journal. 2004 Jun 2;23(11):2269-80.image.png

Invited Review & Chapter: 

 Su Y#,Maimaitiyiming Y#, Wang L#, Cheng X*Hsu CH*. Modulation of Phase Separation by RNA: A Glimpse on N6-Methyladenosine Modification.

Front. Cell Dev. Biol2021 Dec 10;9:786454. DOI: https://doi.org/10.3389/fcell.2021.786454.image.png


● Wang L#, Maimaitiyiming Y#, Su K#Hsu CH*. RNA m6A Modification: A Mediator between Cellular Stresses and Biological Effects.

Epitranscriptomics. 2021 July pp 353-390.image.png


● Maimaitiyiming Y, Wang QQ, Hsu CH*, Naranmandura H*. Arsenic induced epigenetic changes and relevance to treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia and beyond. 

Toxicol Appl Pharmacol2020 Nov 1;406:115212.image.png


● Liang Y#, Zhan G#, Chang KJ, Yang YP, Wang L, Lin J, Hsu CH*. The roles of m6A RNA modifiers in human cancer.

J Chin Med Assoc. 2020 Mar;83(3):221-226.image.png


Other Publications: 

● Li Z#, Xu H#, Li J#, Xu X#, Wang J, Wu D, Zhang J, Liu J, Xue Z, Zhan G, Tan BCP, Chen D, Chan YS, Ng HH, Liu W, Hsu CH, Zhang D*, Shen Y*, Liang H*. Selective binding of retrotransposons by ZFP352 facilitates the timely dissolution of totipotency network.

Nature Communications. 2023 Jun 20;14(1):3646.image.png

 Wang L#, Zhang J#, Su Y#, Maimaitiyiming Y, Yang S, Shen Z, Lin S, Shen S, Zhan G, Wang F, Hsu CH*, Cheng X*. Distinct Roles of m5C RNA Methyltransferase NSUN2 in Major Gynecologic Cancers.. Distinct Roles of m5C RNA Methyltransferase NSUN2 in Major Gynecologic Cancers.

Frontiers in Oncology. 2022; doi: https://doi.org/10.3389/fonc.2022.786266.image.png


 Chen HY, Lin LT, Wang ML, Laurent B, Hsu CH, Pan CM, Jiang WR, Chen PY, Ma HI, Chen YW, Huang PI, Chiou A, Chiou SH. Musashi-1 Enhances Glioblastoma Cell Migration and Cytoskeletal Dynamics through Translational Inhibition of Tensin3.

Sci Rep. 2017 Aug 18;7(1):8710.image.png


 Teng YC, Lee CF, Li YS, Chen YR, Hsiao PW, Chan MY, Lin FM, Huang HD, Chen YT, Jeng YM, Hsu CH, Yan Q, Tsai MD, Juan LJ. Histone Demethylase RBP2 Promotes Lung Tumorigenesis and Cancer Metastasis.

Cancer Research. 2013 Aug 1;73(15):4711-4721.image.png


 Tyan SW, Hsu CH, Peng KL, Chen CC, Kuo WH, Lee EY, Shew JY, Chang KJ, Juan LJ, Lee WH. Breast cancer cells induce stromal fibroblasts to secrete ADAMTS1 for cancer invasion through an epigenetic change.

PLoS ONE. 2012 Apr 13;7(4):e35128.image.png


 Chiou SH, Yang YP, Lin JC, Hsu CH, Jhang HC, Yang YT, Lee CH, Ho LL, Hsu WM, Ku HH, Chen SJ, Chen SS, Chang MD, Wu CW, Juan LJ. The immediate early 2 protein of human cytomegalovirus mediates the apoptotic control in HCMV retinitis through upregulation of the cellular FLICE-inhibitory protein expression.

The Journal of Immunology. 2006 Nov 1;177(9):6199-206.image.png

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